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Clean your brushes like a pro !

When it comes to makeup , you need the right tools to achieve the results you want. But beauty doesn’t come cheap, and the right brushes can sometimes mean expensive brushes. So if you’re spending tons of cash on makeup brushes, you’ll obviously want to keep them in shape for as long as possible. Cleaning your make up brushes is essential !! Here’s all the best tips for cleaning and caring for your makeup brushes so that they last a lifetime.

1. Use a daily brush cleanser after every use.

Even if you’re applying makeup with a clean brush onto a clean face, bacteria is still a risk. That’s why it’s important to cleanse your brushes with a daily brush cleaner before and after useespecially if you have them sitting upright in a jar or stand. When dust and bacteria are in the air, they’ll fall right into the bristles and that’s the last thing you’ll want to buff onto your skin

2. Make sure to deep clean your brushes once every one to two weeks.


1.The first thing you need to do with this method is pour a small amount of olive oil on a paper towel – or whatever you have – and, while using circular motions, rub your bristles in the oil to help break down the product caught inside of your brush.

2.After you coat the bristles in oil, rinse your hand, and then apply a small dot of shampoo on your palm before continuing to work the soap into the bristles.

3.Turn your faucet on afterward, and use the water to rinse the soap and oil out of your brush; keep the water from the ferrule by not getting the handle wet.


1.When you’re using shampoo to cleanse your brushes, the first step is to wet the bristles.

2.Hold your brushes with the bristles down under cool or warm running water, while keeping the water from the handle and the ferrule.

3.Now put a pea-sized amount or less of shampoo on your palm, and then rub the bristles using circular motions, or whatever feels natural.

4.Rinse the mild shampoo from your brush frequently while holding the brush facing down, and use more shampoo if necessary until the water runs clear.

To get the deepest clean, use a tool to get all the dirt and grime out.

When deep cleaning, you could always use your hands and swirl the brush in your palm, but for the ultimate clean, using a tool specifically  -like The Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove  designed to scrub bristles without damaging them will get your brushes just about as clean as they can get.

Get the softness back in your brushes with a bit of conditioner.

Depending on the brush, sometimes after you wash them too many times, your brushes may become rough or dull and just plain uncomfortable to use on your skin. If your brushes get to that point, using a dab of conditioner .

Tokeep them in shape”, dry them upside-down.

Since brushes are shaped a certain way to do certain things, keeping them in that same shape is important. But sometimes when they’re drying, the shape can get messed up and your brush may never work the same again! Invest in a brush tree of course. Now you can let your brushes dry upside down, making sure they stay in perfect shape the whole time.Source www.newmakeuptutorial.com 



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