We all know that fresh food like vegetables and fruits used raw, bring enormous benefits for health. Nature has provided with everything we need for a healthy lifestyle. It is interesting that most vegetables have shapes similar to the organs in the body. That shows us that a certain vegetable or plant is beneficial for a certain organ. Raw food consummed daily strenghtens the immune system because of the minerals, vitamins and natural anti-oxidants contained in it.  Let us see the similarities and the benefits for health. 

Carrots. A carrot cut rondels shows the shape of a human eye. Carrots contain vitamin  B1, B2, B6, K and beta-carotene, a substance that is transformed by liver in vitamin A, excellent for good functioning of sight.

Onion. It looks like the cells of human body and contains powerful anti-oxidants. It works like a  natural vacuum cleaner in the body, removing all the residues from the cells and tissues. The tears that flow while cutting an onion, are actually the  natural eyes cleaners.

Kidney bean. As its name and shape shows, it is beneficial for kidneys as a treatment and maintans their normal function.

Sweet potatoes. They have the shape of pancreas and, despite of their name, they can actually could be a good treatment for those who suffer from diabetes. The studies show that the use of sweet potatoes balances the glucose in the blood, helps the stabilization of the optimal level of sugar and the diminution of resistance to insulin.

Tomatoes. When cut, the tomato looks inside like the the four rooms of the heart. Tomatoes are pure nourisment for heart and blood.

Grapes. They are beneficial for heart and blood also. Each bob looks like a blood cell.

Celery and rhubarb. The bars of these plants look like the bones in a human body. They bring benefits to the bones health because contain a big quantity of sodium, found in bones and cartilages, necessary for a good functioning.

Nut. It has the shape of brain. Nuts help to the development of neuronal transmitters, essential for the brain good functioning.

Olives. Beneficial for the ovarian good functioning.

Grapefruits, lemons and oranges. Excellent for breasts health and for the lymphatic system.


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