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How to curl your hair without a curler

Di you know that you don’t need heat or a curler to curl your hair?

You can get awesome curls by using a few surprising items you definitely have in your home.

First surprising item: a sock. Yes, a sock. By using a simple sock you can transform your hair and get a fashionable look. You can cut the sock and use it to curl the hair in a bun or use it as it is to tie your hair in small rolls. For the curls to stay, you need to leave it overnight.

Another unusual method to curl your hair is by using aluminum foil. There are two ways you can do it: you can take small pieces of foil, wrap strips of your hair around it and close the hair in the foil by twisting it, or you can curl strips of your hair by using your fingers or a pencil and wrap the rolled strip of hair in aluminum foil to make sit like that overnight.

The third method is by using shoe laces. You can make your hair really curly this way if you have the patience to divide your hair into really thin strips.

The fourth method doesn’t include a curler, but it does include heat. For this one, you will need a hair straightener and a pencil if you want your hair to be really, really curly. Or a piece of twisted aluminum foil. This is how to do it: wrap your strips of hair on the pencil or piece of aluminum foil and press it with the hair straightener. After pressing it, leave it to cool down and release the curled strip of hair.

Another hair curling method would be by using an elastic headband. Place the band on your head and individually wrap strips of your hair on it. You can either leave your hair like so for a beautiful hairdo or leave overnight and release your hair in the morning for extra curly curls.



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