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Is cutting the cuticles good or bad

It depends on whether you’re doing the right way or not. The difference between doing it right and correctly is the nail infection you can get.

If you do need to cut your cuticles, make sure you do not cut them too short. Use a cuticle tool and not scissors. Using the cuticle tool from your manicure kit ensures that you don’t cut them short.

Although it is not recommended to cut them, some people tend to get dry cuticles, mostly due to their work environment or from washing their hands often, which break and makes it necessary to cut them to avoid bleeding and in the end, nail infection.

It is recommended to use cuticle oil, which you can find at any specialty store, and tucking them in using a manicure bamboo stick. Which you can also find at any specialty store.

But you can also use other home remedies, aside to cuticle oil. You can use almond oil, olive oil, or coconut butter. Massage the cuticles with whichever one you choose to use whenever you feel you cuticles rough. Use the bamboo stick to push them at the base of the nail. If you keep them hyrated and use the stick they will eventually fall off on their own, but without leaving any painful laceration.

You can soak your fingers in warm olive oil. This way you also hydrate the nail, white softening the cuticles.

The cuticle acts as a barrier and keeps germs and bacteria from getting into the nail and infecting it. This is why properly caring for your cuticles is important.

Some people try to bite them off if they feel them rough. And sometimes they get them without pain, sometimes they rip a very large part of the cuticle and surrounding skin. And that is painful. Never do that. Use a proper tool and hydrate them.



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