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Easy tricks to tame curly hair

Curly hair is beautiful. But it is difficult to style and that is why most girls with curly hair tend to wear it straight, using the straightener day by day. That is not good for the hair. It makes is brittle, frizzy and dries it so much that it sometimes gets impossible to detangle and not quite pleasant at touch.

Don’t hate your curly hair! Embrace it! All girls with straight hair want curls.

Whenever a special event occurs, curling the hair is the first thing girls think to do.

The first tip for having beautiful and defined curls is to avoid brushing it. The best way to detangle curly hair is by using the fingers, while its wet. Put a small amount of olive oil on your fingers before starting to detangle it. It does wonders. Make sure you don’t use too much. Or you might have to wash your hair again because it can get greasy if you do so.

Buy Argan oil. It’s God’s gift for hair. There are thousands of hair products available that contain it but by using it on its own you provide your hair with all the nutrients it needs. Your hair doesn’t really need all the other ingredients in mass-produced hair products with Argan oil.

Buy keratin hair spray. It will help you tame your hair in those moments you need to get out the door fast. Keratin is actually naturally found in hair, therefore, it’s like a vitamin to it.

Try not to use shampoo every time you shower. Try only using conditioner. Excessive use of shampoo also makes the hair dry and frizzy.

Use more hydrating products than hair spray or hair mousse. Those make the hair dry as well. And by hydrating your hair you get beautifully defined curls, which is the main purpose of using hair styling products.



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