What is emotional intelligence? There are many definitions of what is but i would say that it is the capacity to feel good with who you are. I am sure that all of us remember the childhood time when we were so natural, open, curious and spontaneous. Well, i have a good news for you: that openess and naturalness in gestures and acting has not gone anywhere.

It is here always. Why we do not always feel natural and open? Because we do not accept and meet our negative emotions. We rather repress and disguise our “bad feelings” in front of others showing a “smily face” than look at them and ask ourselves honestly: what is this sadness or frustration or despair that is here? What is the message in it? Dare to fully accept and explore yourself. You will be surprised of the discovery.

I remember myself few years back being ravaged by sadness and despair. For years i was an walking ruine. Nothing was working in my life anymore. I lost my job, my health was in trouble, i was alone for years and it seemed to me at that time that there is no point in anything. I reached the bottom as they say. But it is also true that you cannot know who you really are and what you are capable of, unless you reach a dead end. For me the things moved slowly but surely in a new direction without even planning for it. But this is the catch: out of plan, out of aim everything  starts falling into place.

My great luck was that i started working as a tour guide. I was spending time in nature with tourist groups for days. Gradually everything started to make sense again. I was enjoying my work and nature had a tremendous effect for my healing. My sky got clear and light again. This is a gradual process, it is not a recipe of “how to?”. I started to face my emotions, whatever arose, by simply asking myself what this sadness is trying to tell me? and behind every negative emotion there is a message to be discovered. I am talking from experience and i can tell you that every feeling or emotion that bothers you have a message in it. When met, there is an instant release from that particular emotion. Start by being aware of yourself. Feel yourself deeply. Awareness is the key. Ask true questions about yourself.

Start spending more time in nature. It is the greatest medicine for all kind of problems. Play sports in nature, take long slow walks, sit quietly on the grass and just look at the sky, trees and birds. It makes astonishing changes in you. Feel your interior. Be aware of yourself.

Start eating more raw food like salads, fruits and fresh juices. This kind of food is in alignment with the body.

Watch the children playing, watch their easiness and spontaneity.

You are the “problem” and the “solution” to it. Turn your full attention toward yourself. You will find the real you. Enjoy your life! It is the most precious gift!


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