Myopia is a sight disorder which is manifested through the incapacity to see details at a normal distance. People having this condition cannot  see the objects at distance. It is a condition many people suffer from. In many cases there is surgical option which can correct the sight but also there are other options, like special exercises which can improve or correct completely this condition. People with this condition usually have a better sight at night and the pupil is bigger than for those who have normal sight. We will see further the exercises which can be practised for sight correction.

Relaxing exercise. Be seated in a comfortable position on a chair in silence, without any distractions like tv or radio. Cover your eyes with the palms, not fingers, and sit quietly for three minutes.

Sight relaxing exercise. For five to seven minutes look at distance. For one minute just look at the general       landscape. After that, try to fix your sight on one fixed object as distant as possible. Try to see the details of it. Try to look as far as possible and identify the birds in the sky, the trees, the buildings and windows, etc. Do that for five to seven minutes.

Focusing exercise. You need a pen for this. On an imaginary line move the pen from nose in front of you and back. Focus on a detail on pen and try to see it constantly while moving slowly the pen forward and backward. Do that ten times and relax the eyes covering them with your palms for three minutes.

Focusing exercise for each eye. This exercise takes 15 minutes for each eye at first. Gradually you can prolong the time assigned for each eye. Cover one eye with a cloth or a piece of paper and start doing usual activities like paper work, looking at details, counting, reading, writing, etc. After 15 minutes cover the other eye and continue your usual activities. Try to maintain the distance between your eyes and the objects of minimum 25 cm. Gradually extend the timing of this exercise to 30 minutes for each eye. You might feel dizzy and have headaches at first.

Exercise for eyes muscles. Rotate your eyes upords, downwords, left and right. Do that for twenty seconds and then cover your eyes with palms for 30 seconds. Start again and gradually increase the time from twice a week to 3 times a week for this exercise until you can do it daily.

Consume alot of orange coloured fruits and vegetables, especially carrots.

Do not sleep with the face against the pillow.

Do not press your eyes with the hands.


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