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How to firm up saggy breasts

Gravity has a bigger effect on breasts as women get older. If not careful, you may end up having saggy breasts. And no woman wants that.

Of course, this can happen if you have a baby and you breastfeed him. But there’s nothing with that. It is a natural thing.

Here are a few things which can help you get firm breasts:

Pushups. They’re great for toning the breasts, arms, and back. If you can’t do the regular ones that require that you stand on your toes, stand on your knees while doing them. It takes the tension off your arms a bit, but you also get the benefits or doing pushups.

Ice cubes. Rolling an ice cube on your breasts will tighten the skin around them and help them firm up.

Moisturize. Make sure you don’t avoid the breasts area when you’re putting on the lotion after showering.

Chest press. Use any object in your house that weighs as much as you can lift. Lie on your back and push the object above your chest and bring it down. Do at least 50 a day. Don’t rush and always check the position of your arms. They should be directly above the chest.

Arm lifts. Standing up, raise your arms above your head, keeping them straight the entire time. Keep your arms raised, as high as you can, until you count to 20. Slowly bring them down. Do at least 15 of these.

Massage. Massaging your breasts regularly will get the circulation going and help you get perky firm breasts. Apply aloe or almond oil on your palms, or olive oil, before you start massaging.

Cucumber. Slice cucumbers and place them on your breasts. Leave them for 30 minutes and then wash with cold water. This helps to tone the skin around your breasts.

Sometimes, wearing the wrong bra leads to having saggy breasts. Therefore, make sure you’re wearing the right bra for your breasts size and shape.



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