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Get thinner calves

There’s nothing more sexy than a woman with thin calves. Men and women alike have been taught by media, society and even Disney cartoons with princesses that a beautiful woman is slim and thin.

Remember them? With a tiny waist, that fits in a wedding ring? And thin and gentle legs?

Every woman is beautiful in its own way. But let’s face it, women are never happy with how they look. They always want to look better. And thin calves are every woman’s dream.

The first tip to having thin calves may not come as a surprise for many – it’s cardio. Exercising is the first thing that should be on one’s mind if their mind is on getting slim and losing weight.

However, if you want to have thin calves you don’t want to work them too much or you’ll bulk them up.

Try jogging every night for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Run half the time focusing on your heels and not toe tips, and for the other half, switch. That way to tone your bottom, thighs and calves at the same time and you don’t over do the calves exercising.

To slim them down, also try plastic foil wraps. You can leave the wrap overnight or you can wrap your calves before going for a run. By wrapping your calves with plastic foil you raise the temperature in that particular area, meaning that you burn more fat cells in that zone.

To make the wrap even more efficient, apply cellulite lotion, a generous quantity of it.

If your calves are swollen due to water retention, you can try a wrap with cabbage leaves.

If you follow these tips and add drinking plenty of water to them, your calves will be thinner in less than a month.

Of course, you cannot lose weight if you don’t eat healthier. Therefore, make sure you stay away from fast food, fried food, and pastry. And also sugary drinks.



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