We all know already the tremendous effect over the health which fresh fruits and vegetables offer. Here we are going to point out the benefits for health of some fruits and vegetables.

Red onion. It contains the complete group of B vitamines, vitamin C, minerals like phosphorus, natrium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron. Juice can be used in case of coughing or cold catch. It is a real killer for bacterias. Introduce it to your daily diet.

Melon. It is a great medicine for thyroid problems. It contains active principles similar to tyrosine structure, found in thyroid gland, which can actively modify the secretion of thyroid gland. On short, the elements found in melon help producing thyiroid hormones.

Garlic. This is a powerful natural antibiotic. It destroys bacterias and fungus, it is good for those who have problems with intestinal parasites. Strenghtens the immune system and balances the blood pressure. It is important to be used fresh, not cooked.

Cauliflower. It contains substances which help the liver to neutralize toxins. So it works as a natural vacuum cleaner in the body. It contains also vitamin C and is a protector against rheumatoid arthritis.

Eggplant. Its elements protect the brain cells. Prevents cancer and destroys germs and viruses.

Beetroot. The red strong pigment of this plant fights against carcinogenic cells. It is used in treating colon and stomach cancer.

Avocado. It contains oleic acid which helps to balance the cholesterol level. It is a good source of potassium which regulates the blood pressure, so it prevents the heart and blood circulation problems.

Carrots. This plant contain vitamin A, excellent for strenghtening of immune system. Maintains the health of lungs and intestines. It is rich in vitamines and minerals. It contains over 85% of water. Sustains the cells growth in the body.

Orange. Daily used, provides the body with the necessary quantity of vitamin C. It contains folic acid which is beneficial for brain health and development. Daily use of orange juice, prevents the formation of gravel.


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