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Homemade exfoliant recipe

You don’t need expensive beauty care products to have a glowing, silky smooth skin. You can easily make your own scrubs, using natural ingredients and more important, ingredients that most people keep around the house. That means you can look good without spending a fortune and without putting your skin in contact with any chemicals.

One efficient natural scrubbing method includes coffee grind. You can use the one from your coffee in the morning. Or to make it even more efficient, use fresh. Take it in the shower, turn on the shower so that your skin is wet and start scrubbing. Make sure you don’t overdo it, or you will end up scratching your skin and leaving marks.

You can also use polenta flour. It softens in contact with water but will certainly help you get rid of the dead skin cells, renew your skin and make it soft and silky.

You can also use sugar the same way.

Among the most powerful homemade exfoliating mixes include: coffee and sugar, sugar and olive oil, salt and lemon, honey and strawberries, brown sugar and water, tomato ad sugar, and honey and oatmeal.

Baking soda is also to be considered. Just mix it with water until you get a smooth paste and use it on your body and on your face, as well. Only, make sure you do not get any in your eyes.

You can also use sea salt and baby oil, papaya and oatmeal, or coconut oil and sugar. Cocoa is also great for scrubbing and smoothening the skin.

Shea  butter and sugar is, as well, a useful skin exfoliating mix. Plus, it is great for dry skin. Although, you exfoliate, you also moisturize the skin with this.



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