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Homemade tanning lotion recipe

The secret for a great tan is the sun of course, and a great tanning lotion. Yes, everyone knows that there are a lot of tanning lotions available out there, but did you know that you can make your own? With natural ingredients?

Using natural ingredients in skin beauty care is hard nowadays, due to all the chemicals added to food, or vegetable and fruit growing, but using them to make your own skin products beats using mass produced lotions which are loaded with ingredients most people do not recognize as being bad for them. Because those ingredients ARE there.

Here are a few natural ingredients you can use to get a healthy, glowing tan:

You can, for example, use pure cocoa powder mixed with olive oil. Or, if you have dark skin, you can just use olive oil. And that’s because if you’re dark skinned, you only need a little help tanning.

You can also mix the olive oil with black tea. Black tea is great for tanning naturally. For easy use, you can put the mix in an empty spray bottle. Just make sure you don’t leave it in the sun. Olive oil is best kept in dark, cool places. Keep it in your beach bag and only get it out when you need to apply more.

Sandalwood oil is another great natural tanner. Other tanning oils include raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil, avocado oil or lavender essential oil.

Using only natural tanning oils is a much better option if you have dry skin.

You can even mix all the above oils to get maximum effect.

Instead of mixing olive oil with black tea, you can mix the black tea with coconut oil. It is suited for dry skin, as well.



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