Candida albicans is a natural bacteria in our body and is found in throat, mouth, bowels and vagina. It is called “friendly bacteria” because plays an important role in identification and exclusion of other type of bacteria with pathogen potential. So we can say that it is a shield for the body health.

However, this bacteria under some conditions may turn into yeast infection and can affect the body. Due to stress factors, antibiotics, hygiene and sexual habits the balance between acid and basic ambiance of the body is disturbed and leads to infection called candidiasis. We will talk about vaginal candidiasis in particular which is a very common problem. The symptomes are inflamation, reddening, leak of whitish liquid and itching sensation.

Essential in restoring the balance of body ph are probiotic bacterias which should be more numerous then candida organisms. They are found in a huge quantity in natural sour milk. Then we can say that candidiasis is not a disease in itself but a body ph imbalance. If ignored, could lead to complications. From experience i can say that is very easy to rebalance and restore the body wellbeing. Let me tell you about it. Whenever i had this problem in the past, i used to run to the gynecologist, wasting time, money and patience. Until one day when i said to myself that there must be another way. I searched on internet for natural remedies and i found many. I didn’t try all but i stopped to few of them which worked perfectly.

First i used a vaginal irrigator. The composition i used was one litre of warm water and a spoon of baking soda. Immediately you can feel the cooling effect. This can be used weekly. It is known that douching is not to be made daily because disturbs the natural vaginal protection. There is also a mixture of natural plants (celandine, milfoil, rose of Sharon, absinth, camomile)    out of which you can make infusion and use it for douching. Beside that you can also use garlic, a natural powerful antibiotic. In a piece of fine muslin put a small fragment of garlic cut in few places so that the juice can come out. Tie the fine muslin so that garlic stays in it and introduce it as an ovule. Keep it for few hours.

I also used natural sour milk. With a syringe you introduce into vagina sour milk, keep it for few hours and you can repeat the procedure the next day. It is known that natural sour milk has a high content of probiotic bacterias which are essential for ph restoration of the body. There are so many natural alternatives to heal the body without any side effects. Nature way remains the best option. Trust the nature! It is the best doctor.


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