Bunions and corns are a common problem especially for women. The causes could be genetical, but usually  they appear from wearing tight shoes, heals, for long hours per  day.  The foot is pressed  and its  natural shape is modified. Beside that they are unaesthetic, they are very painful . For some people the condition becomes so serious, that they are not able to walk  because of pain. Let us see some natural remedies which can help.

Natural treatment for bunions.

Yoghurt and garlic. Chap two pieces of garlic  and mix them with two tespoons of yoghurt. Anoint the bunion with this composition, at evening time. Then bandage the bunion and keep it this  way over night. Continue this treatment for twenty days.

Fresh lemon. Apply a slice of lemon on the bunion an put a bandage over it. Keep it over night. Repeat the treatment until  the problem dissapears.

Leek macerated in vinegar. Cut the leek in round pieces and put it into a cup with vinegar. Keep it for 24 hours  before use. Apply the leek on the bunion and  keep it over night. Repeat the treatment for as long as it is needed.

Celandine juice. Use young stalks  of celandine and extract the juice from them. Apply a pad soaked in the juice and keep it on the bunion. Do this twice a day.

Ribwort leaves.  Wash few leaves of ribwort and crush them, in order to soften them. Apply them on the bunion. Apply a bandage on the foot and leave it over night.

Natural treatment for corns.

Corns are formed from constant rubbing of the foot skin  against  the shoes. Corns  can appear on hands as well, from hard physical work.

Garlic juice. Just apply  the fresh juice from garlic  on the corns  for three days, in the evening. Around the corns  apply a cream in order to protect the skin. Put a bandage on it and leave it over night. The corns will  come off.

In order to prevent the formation of corns,  you can anoint the new footwear with olive oil or coconut oil. This  way the shoes skin is softened and becomes more flexible.

Take nature’s way! Nature is the best doctor!


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