Summer time as lovely as it is, comes with the myriad of insects of all kinds. We spend most of summer time outdoor and especially in the evening mosquitos and flyes of all kind surround us unsparingly. For some, mosquitos are not a problem at all but for many of us their bites create a real discomfort. Itchiness, skin reddening and inflamation are some of the symptomes. There are some natural remedies for insects stings of all kind.

Banana skin. Apply the skin of banana right on the sting and band it with a piece of string. Keep it on the skin for one hour or so and wash that place. Sting sensation vanishes.

Ice. Apply a piece of ice on the stings and wait until the irritation disappears. In a few moments the area will be numb and the pain subsides.

Baking soda. Blend water with baking soda until you make a paste and apply it on affected areas. You can add some in an wash basin and wash your feet.

Tooth paste. A bit of tooth paste applied on the stings calms down the pain and itchiness. Fluorine is a natural antiallergic.

Mouthwash. Imbibe a piece of cotton in this solution and apply it on affected areas. It prevents infection.

Mud. Maybe you haven’t heard before but mud calms down itching sensation from mosquitos bites. Apply some mud on the stings and let it dry out. Cleanse it well and the red spots vanish.

Aspirin. Its anti inflamatory effects are well known.  Powder an aspirin, add some water and make a paste. Apply it on affected areas and keep it on over night. Put a bandage on it

Lavender. Apply lavender essential oil on affected areas few times a day. In case of spider bites you can make a mixture of three drops of lavender essential oil, two drops of chamomile essential oil and one teaspoon of alcohol.

Onion and garlic. These vegetables are very efficient against bee stings. Wash the place and then apply the leaves of onion and garlic on affected area and rub very well. After that,  apply a cabbage leaf and band it with a string.


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