Piles are dilated veins localized in the rectum and anus wall. They produce pain, itchiness and simetimes bleeding. There are two types of piles: internal and external. Internal ones sometimes can bleed but are not painful. The external ones produce pain and bleeding from time to time. The main factor which leads to appearance of piles is the pressure raise in ano-rectum area.

The cause of this pressure is pregnancy, frequent lifting of heavy things and the efforts made while clearing. Constipation could be a cause of the appearance of piles. Prolonged sitting position is also one of the causes of piles. They can get inflated and become painful when the surface is injured or when is formed a clot inside them. There is a surgical solution to this problem but is very painful. Also there is laser and infrared therapy. But i found some painless and natural remedies.

Warm bath.

Sit in a tub with warm water. Bend your knees so that you can expose the anal area to the effect of water as much as possible. This can ameliorate the pain, facilitates the blood flow around anal area and reduces the veins dilatation.

Sitting on ice.

Put some ice in a plastic bag, then wrap it in a cloth. Ice contracts the inflated veins and calms down the irritation. Sit on ice not longer than 20 minutes.

Swallow one olive stone in the morning on empty stomach every day for two months. Prevents constipation and the formation of piles.

There are also some home made unguents which give good results in piles treatment.

Clay cataplasm. Mix clay with warm water until you get a paste. Anoint the anal area and keep it for two hours.

Onion unguent. Grate one onion and mix it with honey. The paste obtained is applied on anal area.

Garlic juice. Take juice from garlic, one aspect of garlic and five aspects of water and apply it on anal area.

Consume fresh juices, salads and many fruits. Drink plenty of water. Avoid eating hot pepper because irritates the intestines and also avoid consuming meat because contains toxines and produces constipation.

Take nature’s way! Nature is the best doctor!


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