Uric acid is an urine component which contains azote and results from metabolic degradation of proteins. Uric acid once reaches the blood stream, is filtered by kidneys and then discharged through urine in a normal proportion. The problem appears when the discharge of urine is not enough due to kidney or blood diseases.

In this case the exces of uric acid takes the form of micro-crystals which are deposited on joints and leads to the disease called gout and kidney problems. There are some natural remedies   which can help the discharge of uric acid exces.

Drink plenty of water. Hydration is the most important for general well-being of the body, not only for this matter.

Cucumber juice.

Raw cucumber used daily is an effective and sure way to eliminate the uric acid crystals. For a better effect you can add lemon juice. Make a fresh juice with: one cucumber, 5 cm of ginger root, one cup of chopped pineapple and water. Blend the ingredients in a blender and drink this juice before meal every day. The results are quick.

Cherry juice.

Drink daily cherry juice. They contain a substance which helps the elimination of uric acid exces.

Avoid consuming much meat, kidney bean and alcohol because these aliments contain purine.

Eat artichoke. You can boil it and also drink the water in which it was boiled. This plant helps you eliminate naturally the exces of uric acid.

Onion is a natural and excellent treatment for this matter. Boil two pieces of onion, add some lemon juice in the water and drink few cups daily.

Strawberries are an excellent natural remedy for acid uric exces elimination. Boil the leaves and roots of this fruit and drink it daily and consume the fruits.

Consume aliments rich in potassium like banana, apricots, potatoes, watermelon, spinach. Potassium prevents the formation of uric acid crystals.

Take nature’s way! Nature is the best doctor!


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