Vertebral column sustains the whole structure of the body. It consists of 33 vertebrae connected between them. In the center of it it is found medulla. Today i will speak about a common problem of the spine: slipped disk. From experience i can say that i had this problem years back at the lumbar area. The slipped disk was pressing the sciatic nerve resulting in deep pain on the leg and back. The situation was serious, so the only solution was surgical intervention. Everything went well but some parts of my leg were affected, resulting in permanent numbness.

There are many nerves going out of each vertebra, giving impulses for arms, neck and legs to move. The sciatic nerve was affected in my case because of the long time pressure on it. After the recovery i started to check methods and exercises for prevention and maintainance.

Exercises are very important because keep the spine flexible. ItĀ  is essential to exercise on muscles which sustain the spine, so that the pressure is not put on spine while doing heavy lifting. Below you will find some useful exercises for spine muscles strenghtening.

Daily exercise for neck area.

Sitting or standing, keep your shoulders relaxed and slowly band your head down until the chin touches the breastbone. Then rotate your head to the right and keep it for five seconds. Come back to the breast and rotate your head to the left. Keep it for five seconds. Rotate your head full circle to the right, for three times. Then rotate it full circle to the left for three times. You can do this exercise in three sessions daily.

Body extension on knees position.

On your knees, keep your hands straight. Bend in front, putting your hands on the floor. Arch your upper back and let the low back area to bend toward the floor. Stay in this position for five seconds. Come back to the initial position. With your hands on the floor in front of you, get down with your posterior and touch the heels. Now extend your hands on the floor and stay in this position for five seconds. Look down toward the floor in orderĀ  to keep the neck in-line with spine. You can make this exercise ten times a day.

Foot at your chest.

You can do this exercise in three sessions daily. Lay down on the floor. Lift one leg, bend it and bring the knee toward the chest holding it with your hands. Repeat with the other leg. Then do it with both legs. Try to bring your kness as much as possible to the chest. Repeat these steps ten times. Keep the spine straight against the floor while doing this exercise.

Ask your doctor if these exercises are suitable for your condition.


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