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Cuticles are in fact the protectors for nail root, being a shield against bacterias. But women spend alot of time and money for removing them and this constant cutting makes them grow. From experience i can say that i used to cut the cuticles in the classic way and sometimes i cut too deep into skin. Also i destroyed the natural shape of the nail because of deep cutting. There is a natural solution for slowing down their growth. It is at hand and you can do this at home.

The best remedy for cuticles, nails and hands are the natural oils. Make a mixture of one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of almond oil. Apply this combination on the hands, insisting on massaging the cuticles. With a wooden stick push slowly the cuticles inwards and then slowly remove the remaining dead cells around theĀ  cuticles. Keep this composition on your hands for few hours and for the best result, leave it over night. Put on cotton gloves to keep the heat and for better effect. After few sessions you will notice that the hands skin is soft and the cuticles are almost undistinguishable.

There is another issue i would like to talk about: nails biting. I had this problem for years and sometimes my nails and cuticles looked like a battle field. There are many people suffering from this. In my case this problem ceased without any explanation. It is said that nervous, impatient and shy people use to have this habit. The cause is inside. Could be an unexplored emotion or belief. But the answer is within us waiting to be discovered.

Some tips for your nails and hands protection.

After bath, daily, massage the cuticles with almond oil. It prevents dryness. You can use oily vitamin E, coconut oil for massage.

Use gloves for daily home chores. Hot water and detergents dry and damage the skin. Every evening before bed, get used to use a natural oil for massaging your hands.

Once a week flake off the nails in order to get rid of dead skin.

It is better to use liquid soaps because they contain natural hydrating ingredients.

Hands are a woman’s visit card.


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