More than half of female population, at a certain time in their life, is confronted with this problem. From experience i can tell you that i had to face this matter too, especially when i went through spine surgery for slipped disk. It was a must for me.

But before that, i tried many formulas and programs. Nothing really worked. It was fine for a while and after, the weight i lost was put back double. So i said to my self that must be a way. I started to change my diet. Daily diet. So it was not needed to follow a drastic temporary program which wasn’t working on long term. I started to eat salads of all kinds, mostly with fresh vegetables, sometimes boiled. I was adding at first boiled meat, but later i stopped eating meat. I replaced it with fish, boiled eggs or cheese.

There are so many options for salads that you can never get bored. So for few years already this is my daily diet. I forgot about frying, about meat and other types of unhealthy food. I did not suddenly change my diet, but gradually i started to notice that it was working well. Digestion improved, heartburns stopped, i was feeling more energy. In about six months i lost 18 kg without aiming at that. The body feels weightless and more energetic. Since then the weight didn’t change, so a daily diet based on fresh vegetables is essential and effective.

Add to that fresh made juices of all kinds and minerals and vitamines supply is assured. I also add into salads all kinds of seeds: raw pumpkin, sesame, linseed, hemp. So slowly i changed my diet from cooked food to raw. Some time is needed until body adjusts with the change but the benefits are enormous. Enough with useless frustrating diet programs. Eat fresh food as much as you can, drink plenty of water and tea and enjoy your life!

Take nature’s way! Nature is the best doctor!


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