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How to tone your inner thighs

The secret to having beautiful legs includes having tone inner thighs.

There are several exercises which you can do to tone them. Here are a few:

  1. Plie squats. The right way to do them is this: stand up and get into the ballet plie position (toes pointing out and legs open at shoulder width). Keep your core tight. Lower your body as much as you can and slowly get back up. Hold on to the wall or a chair to keep your balance. To get a glutes workout out of it, squeeze them when you get back up.
  2. Side lunges. To make it harder, add a weight to it. Keep it in your hands, which you keep low and straight in front of you, while doing the side lunges. To do the side lunge, stand up straight. Make a large step sideways with your left leg and squat. But only squat with your left leg. Keep the right leg straight. Switch legs and do a squat with your right one, while keeping the left leg straight.
  3. Leg squeezes. For this exercise, you normally need a Pilates ring. But you can do it with a small beach ball, as well. Lie on the floor with your body straight and on one side. Put the ball between your feet and squeeze. Do as many as you can, without rushing. Switch sides to work the other leg.
  4. Jumping sumo squats. It’s almost the same as plie squats, only you don’t keep the toes as much out. The reason for that is because you have to jump for this exercise and you wouldn’t be able to keep your balance otherwise.
  5. Clam. Start by lying down on the floor, on one side. Bring your feet together and your knees, as well. Open up your knees, while keeping the feet together. The arm on the side you’re standing on has to be straight on the floor, above your head.
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