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Varix, thrombo-phlebitis and blood circulation issues

I remember that few years ago i was with my friends enjoying a hot summer day by a pond. As i was going deeper into the water i felt a sting around my knee. When i looked, i saw a leech sticked to my leg. Being my first experience of this kind, i started screaming. One of my friends put immediately some salt on it and it fell down, the blood flowing abundently. Only then i found out what that was and what benefits can bring to health. I had no idea at that time that after years, the very thing i was afraid of, is  the very thing that would heal me. 

I had varicose veins since my youth without any complications until rcently when the veins get inflamed,  the result being thrombo-phlebitis diagnosis. Since this situation requires immediate action, due to the risks, i went to hospital. After the peak moment passed i started to search for a natural remedy because the problem relapsed. Guess what i found: leeches. I also found a practicioner in this domaine who applied and taught me how to apply myself at home.  So said, so done. In a few months the problem was solved and because the treatment is natural, there are no side effects. What is so special about leeches? I found out that these little  animals contain a natural powerful preservative called hirudyne which helps blood fluidization and purification and melts the clots, and natural hyaluronic acid more effective than the manufactured one for elasticity of ligaments and muscles. I used six or seven leeches in one session at first. After few weeks the problem melted away. I encourage you to try nature’s way because is effective and secure. Leeches can be used for other diseases like back problems (slipped disk), cardiovascular problems including high blood pressure, glaucoma, pile, rheumatism, neurological problems, etc. However there are also some contraindications: pregnant women, AIDS patients and patients with severe anemia.

There are also other interesting benefits these little creatures offer. Leeches generate pozitive vibrations and neutralize the harmful effects of electric grid, mobile phones, etc. I keep them at home as pets. They are in truth the ambiance cleaners and body healers.


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